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If you are an Independent Conklin Field Manager, this site is dedicated to you. The Conklin Company offers you an amazing business opportunity to represent Conklin Products to your retail customers, IBOs, Commercial Purchasers, other Independent Conklin Field Managers in your organization and prospective clients and managers. To find more information specifically about quality Conklin products, visit our sister site:

We’re looking forward to growing your Conklin business WITH YOU!

The Conklin company offers you great products and basic training on those products and our field manager program through The Conklin Business Seminar, Successful Sales Manager, Back to Basics and Director University–CLICK HERE to view upcoming Conklin corporate training events! is a site exclusively dedicated to Conklin’s Independent Sales Managers, District Managers and Directors and provides them the tools to build their distribution network bigger, better and faster; complementing and picking up where those corporate programs leave off–CLICK HERE to view Family 21 Managers’ sponsored events or register HERE for upcoming events!

Our mission is: To equip and educate independent Conklin field managers with the tools necessary to recruit, train and communicate with their expanding distribution networks.

If you are an independent field manager associated with the Conklin Company, Inc. and serious about building your Conklin based business, we would invite you to request a user name and password for by submitting an on-line application (Sales Managers, District Managers and Directors only). If you are not a Director, please inquire with your immediate Director before applying.